Friday, July 29, 2011

It's a. . .GIRL!

Well, the Moll's have been waiting something like 90 years for this. . .a Moll girl should be making her arrival at the end of November! Had our ultrasound a 2 weeks ago. Everything looks fine so far. As of now she's right on schedule for growth, although my stomach would beg to differ. WAY bigger this time around, but that's to be expected for my 2nd so I have been told. Sorry I still can't post pics (no SD reader on the Cliff's work computer and ours is still on the fritz). She has a name, but we're not blabbing until she makes her debut. At least we will try to hold out until then!

Another new arrival to our family. . .we are the proud new owners of a new vehicle. Our Honda Accord was needing some attention, so we figured we get rid of it and get something bigger for the expanding family. We now have a 2011 Honda Pilot (SUV). Up to 8 passengers, so we can have more kiddos, or just drive friends and family around with also having room for the 2 car seats. It's pretty nice to have the extra room. We were gonna get a used one, but newer used Hondas are hard to come by and we ended up getting a decent deal on the new one. It is black.

Cliff is pretty excited about his accomplishment last weekend. . .he caught a 40 inch muskee up near his parent's cabin in Eagle River. I guess that's pretty big, but he's excited about it cause he caught it on a (and I use my non-fishing lingo here) pole meant for little fish. Apparently this means that actually landing it was a big feat in and of itself cause they usually would bite through the line and the pole isn't made for that much weight. He thinks it was around 20pounds. Too bad no one had a camera with them! Now he's really excited about fishing, so we're going up to our cabin this weekend. . . CJ likes fishing, too. He plays with the minows, and takes the fish from you to the live well. He also kisses them! I won't touch the bait or the fish, so he's already a better fisherman than me!

Well, my breadmaker is about to beep with the dough for my homemade pizza tonight, so I should be signing off. Hope you all are well. Thanks for the comments letting me know at least a few people still look at my blog. . .

P.S. Katie Mears, email me sometime! I'd love to catch up!

P.P.S Miss you, too, Ann! Wish I could have been at the party, but had to work. CJ had fun! Hope to see you soon!

Love, Dana


The Mears Family said...

Congrats! Ok...I was looking and I don't know that I still have your email...unless it's which I'm not sure sooo email me!

Tanashia said...

Dana, Congratulations!

Ann said...

Soo happy to hear the BIG NEWS. Grandma P. had told me it was a GIRL.. I am so happy for you. Just got back from a Red Hat Convention in New Orleans...Fun, fun, fun..Take care..Hugs to all..Ann

KBass said...

Congrats to you and your family! Can't wait to see some pics, it won't be long. Miss you at work. I'm following you now! I love blogging, keep it up.