Monday, August 29, 2011

finally some pictures!

Hey, everybody! So it turns out that there IS a SD card slot on Cliff's computer. . .it's just computer savy me who couldn't find it! O-well.

So. We have been busy with CJ playing, Cliff fishing and me working. I've gone up to the cottage a little, too, but Cliff likes to take CJ when I work a few nights in a row. Ever since Cliff caught that muskee he is obsessed with fishing. CJ likes it, too, but turns out he likes to throw Cliff's fish back in the water when Cliff is not looking. He was excited about having some eater fish a little bit ago, but went to retrieve them and found that SOMEONE took them from the bucket and freed them! He did admit to it when Cliff asked him.

We recently went to Minneapolis to visit some friends. Had a good time, but forgot our camera. We took a riverboat ride down the Mississippi, went shopping at Mall of America, went to Cabela's (who could pass THAT up in every city we go to?), ate at some fantastic restaurants, and hung out with friends. Cliff's new favorite game is Balderdash, which we played until the wee hours of the mornings. . .

Pregnancy has been going well, but I am measuring about 4-5 weeks ahead of schedule. Just had an extra ultrasound to make sure there isn't a problem. . .everything seemed to be fine, but baby has a large head and average body just like her brother. I also have a bit extra fluid. . .so my belly is gigantic. Baby looked healthy, though, just has a large brain! Night shift seems to have it's disadvantage while pregnant, despite the obvious of being more tired. . .baby has become a night owl. She's active during the day, but CRAZY at night. Often on work nights she is active almost nonstop between midnight and 6am. It actually seems to put the other babies to sleep when they are cuddling on my shaking belly at night.

CJ is doing well. He's going through a whining phase, but other than that he is great. He finally felt the baby move and now likes to rest his hands on my belly sometimes or lay on it. He often asks when she is coming out and who will help me when she comes. He always volunteers to help so far!

Well, I guess that's enough for now. As we speak I am watching CJ drive his F150 truck through the front lawn, telling Cliff he's gonna run him over and giggling. Funny little kid. . .

Love, Dana


Tanashia said...

U look great!

Ann said...

Nice Pictures...Thank you.Glad all is going well..CJ is growing up so fast!!Will be good to see everyone at Christmas, if not before..We are going to Waukesha this weekend. Love to all..