Thursday, October 21, 2010

18 months

CJ's first finger painting
Didn't really like being thrown in. . .

Driving his car in the leaves

Cliff's bear (since I couldn't post it last time due to technical difficulties)

Hello, everyone! Well, fall is here and Halloween is around the corner. Sometimes I can't believe how fast time flies. . .

CJ is 18 months now. He just had his routine appointment and is 24 1/2 pounds (30th%), 32 1/2 inches (50th%) and his head is 85th%. Guess he needs room in there for all those brains! This is about the curve he's been on for a while now. . .skinny with a big noggen! Oh, well. What's new with him? His vocabulary has exploded. He seems to come up with new words every day and copies a lot of what we say. Last night I swear he repeated "I love you" to Cliff when he was going to bed. We're also working on potty training already. He has been struggling with diaper rash since he was a couple months old, so as soon as he started showing interest in the potty, I started working with him. It's been 2 2/2 weeks so far. Each morning we sit on the toilet after he gets up and he has pooped on the potty each morning except for 4. Hope this trend continues and we can start working on other times of day. I know he's young, so my hopes aren't high, but it would be awesome if we could get him out of diapers sooner than later.

Nothing new with Cliff or me. Still no deer for Cliff. He did get his bear (I think I wrote about it last time) and we just got the meat back. I don't love it, but I will eat it, which is more than I can say for venison. Cliff is also hoping to get a coyote this season. As for me, nothing new. Just looking forward to doing some Halloween stuff with CJ. I'll make sure to get some pictures of him in his costume for y'all.

Hope everyone is well and is staying warm this fall. I heard there's a possibility of snow in our near future. . .we'll have to wait and see!

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