Sunday, September 5, 2010

You thought I was bad about blogging before. . .it's been forever this time!

CJ dressed up for the rain (not really, those are mama's boots!)
CJ spent a long time doing this. . .can you guess what it is? He's cleaning his vacuum cleaner!

CJ anf cousin Kynzie at the park

CJ and cousin Kynzie on the boat
Well, it's been a busy summer. We've been gone many weekends up at Cliff's parents' cabin or at my parents' house or meeting up with friends in Minnesota or babysitting McKynzie for a few days. . .you get the picture. We've not had very many weekends at home, and have been busy during the week, too. When I do have time, Cliff is using BOTH computers to run programs for his summer research projects. . .
Anyway. We've had a great summer. Cliff has been working on his research and also working to bait for bears up north. Hunting and classes start this week wednesday. He's looking forward to both. After bear season is deer season, so I'll be a hunting widow from now until deer season is over. At least I know I'll see Cliff Mon-Wed since those are the days he teaches. Tuesday nights he has to go all the way to Steven's Point to teach his master's students.
I have been busy being mama and working a little. I have been spending my friday and saturday mornings dragging CJ to rummage sales. I have found some really good deals! I will be sad when winter comes and there are no more rummage sales!
And for the most exciting member of the family. . .CJ. CJ is growing and changing all the time. He now has about 10 or so words and he is still constantly chattering. He's got 5 1/2 teeth now. He's a huge handful and is always on the go. He climbs on everything, including the kitchen table. When I caught him, he was just about to hang from the light fixture! He loves to play outside and constantly goes to the door, points to the handle and asks for "more" and wants his shoes on. He also loves music and loves to dance. He jumps, shakes his butt, spins and screams with delight to anything that makes music (including when Cliff's phone rings because it has a musical ringtone). He can now reach some of our door handles and has figured out how to open the back patio door. He also learned to open Grandma and Grandpa B's screen porch door. CJ loves to be around other kids and always finds an older little girl to lead him around and play with him when we're out at the playground. Too bad none of them are old enough to babysit!
We had the pleasure of watching McKynzie for a few days this summer while Erica and Brian took Rylie to Cape Cod to celebrate Erica's 30th b-day. Kynzie and CJ LOVE to play with each other and we had a great time. We went to parks, the zoo, an amusement park, and we took the boat out on Lake Winnebago. The kids had a blast!
We took a trip to MN to the Mall of America to visit with out friends Matt and Autumn and their son Adam. We met there since it is halfway between Oshkosh and Grand Forks, ND where they just moved to this summer. We had a great time hanging out with them and CJ and Adam played really well together, even though Adam is 8. We also took our first trip to IKEA.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and hope that everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are! Miss you all!

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Joe said...

Hi to all, Looks/sounds like you have a had real nice & busy summer..Where has the time gone!! Looks like CJ is Mama's "lil helper". Can't wait to see all of you again.I am enjoying being home, but miss the paycheck..
Take Care..We love you..
Ann & Joe