Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy June

CJ playing with Aunt Sharon's dog Laddie

Driving Grandpa Jan's boat last weekend

Camping in Eagle River

Cliff's 28th birthday
Hello everyone! It's been a busy June. . .
We had a wonderful time up in Solon Springs at my cousin Tyler's H.S. graduation party. CJ got to meet a lot of family members that he had never seen before. . .We had lots of fun with the family!
Last weekend we went to Eagle River to go camping in Grandpa Jan and Grandma Lori's camper. We went fishing twice and CJ liked the boat rides. He also enjoyed touching the fish that his daddy caught!
I have been working a lot because it has been very busy in our unit. We haven't reached our average for number of births this month, but the last week and a half have been CRAZY. All this month's babies are trying to be born at once!
Cliff is still working on his summer research papers. We also celebrated his 28th birthday this week. We were at the campsite for father's day and his birthday. He had lots of fun fishing and caught quite a few perch and a nice walleye. It was a nice way to spend his birthday.
This weekend Cliff is going to a gun show and we have a birthday party tomorrow night for a friend. Next weekend we're out of town again. . .summer is a busy time!
Hope everyone is well and that you all are enjoying your summer. Love you and miss you!

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