Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Halloween was fun. CJ and I went to Lake Mills and went trick-or-treating in their downtown with cousins McKynzie and Rylie. He did well considering he doesn't quite get it yet. McKynzie helped. The following day we went to Madison to the Children's Museum for their halloween party. It was fun, but VERY busy. We were going to go to Green Bay for the halloween party at the zoo, but ended up with a nasty stomach bug instead and spent the weekend sick. Sunday was trick-or-treating in Oshkosh and CJ helped his daddy pass out candy.
CJ spent this last weekend with grandma and grandpa (nama and bapa) Bavlnka while I worked in Sturgeon Bay helping redecorate with Grandma K. We had fun, but MAN is border hard to remove! I will never do that again!
Lori and I took a Thai cooking class monday. It was fun and I liked probably half the food the class made. Tonight is thai left-overs, so we'll have to see if Cliff likes it, too.
Cliff has been doing a lot of hunting. He got a 6 point buck down near Omro, so he's happy about that, but they coudln't find it for a few days so the meat is no good. That sucks. We've been eating a little bear meat. I don't love it, but I like it better than venison. Cliff really likes it.
This weeknd we're just going to chill at home, then next weekend I am spending "widows weekend" with Erica again. Both the husbands will be out hunting, so we're gonna party (as much as you can with 3 kids between us).
That's about it for an update. Miss y'all!

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