Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our first leaf pile of the fall!

Quarry Quest with Grandma and Grandpa

CJ and Daddy's big score...9 perch and a bullhead! CJ caught some on his little kid pole!

So the summer has flown by and now it's officially Fall.  We have been busy!  We have been up at our cottage a lot, and had a few different friend groups up there to visit.  We even went to Laona a couple times where they have a steam train we rode and then went to a little "camp" with a petting zoo, and some outdoor things to do.

As a family, we went to Quarry Quest.  It's an event held every year where kids can see and ride on huge constuction equipment.  CJ was too scared again this year to ride on most of the big rides, but we did a couple rides and did some of the games/festivities.  It was lots of fun. 

CJ has started swimming lessons again.  He has graduated out of the parent/child and into the big kid class.  He is doing really well!  He's still with his best buddies Stella and Layla (who he has been with for probably 2 years or more now). We have had many a play date with those two and their families and even had the group up to the cottage this summer. 

Evy has passed a few more milestones.  She can sit up on her own and is now pulling up to a stand!  I even got her first one on camera! She's still army crawling around and is getting pretty quick!  No little teeth have popped yet, but she still acts like she's always teething.  Now she's got a cold...the runny/snotty nose of the winter has started already!

Cliff has started the hunting season again.  He's been bow hunting a few times already and I am already becomming a "hunting widow" for the year.  He's up at the cottage now.  Has been since friday and won't be back until monday. When he's not fishing he's hunting.  He found a buddy up north that goes musky fishing with him, so he's having a great time now that he's not always fishing alone.  School started, too.  He's back to teaching during the day and has one night class/week this semester. 

I am the same old same old that I always am.  Nothing new, except for the curly hair seen in the pictures above!  I decided that I needed a change, so I got a perm.  At first I wasn't sure, but it has grown on me and now I really like it! 

Well, better get going.  CJ's babysitter Carly is taking him to Little Farmer for fun and caramel apples today so we have to start getting ready and have to head out for an errand, too.  Hope everyone is well!

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Tyler Shircel said...

Hey Mr. and Mrs. Moll,

I am a student (Tyler Shircel) in Moll's FIN 335 class.
Loved looking through the blog and all of the family photos! A little sad that you aren't keeping up with it anymore. Luckily, in class I get to hear all about the family adventures, especially the hunting and fishing excursions. Hope the family is doing well, I think Mr. Moll is an awesome professor.
Hope you continue the blog again soon~!

- Best Wishes,

Tyler Shircel