Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It's been a busy summer so far...

We have been up at the cottage a lot: Cliff has been fishing and we have been spending time at the beach or bumming around up north. CJ learned to ride a two-wheeler with training wheels because he saw some of the neighbor kids by the cottage riding around and he wanted to "ride my bike with my friends." He's doing well, and now says he wants Cliff to take the trainers off!  We will see... CJ has become much more comfortable in the water, and has been putting his whole body underwater lately.  He is really excited about that! 

Evy is growing fast.  She is log-rolling now to get to where she wants to go, and can sit up by herself for a decent amount of time.  She loves swimming, and likes to sit in the water and splash.  It's amazing because it doesn't seem to bother her when she gets splashed, even in the face!  We have been working on baby food and some cheerios, but Evy is so far not interested at all in anything besides milk.  Oh, well.  We have time! 

Cliff has been doing a lot of fishing, especially up north.  He has recently joined a musky club and is excited to have a fishing buddy up near the cottage.  Besides fishing and hanging out with the family, Cliff has also been working on his research.

With the passing of my grandma, I have been having a bit of a hard time emotionally this summer.  I have been trying to keep busy (which is not difficult with 2 kids and 2 homes!). CJ and Evy keep me going with their constant energy, and CJ is a great snuggler when I am having a bad moment. Of course, Cliff has been helpful, too. I have been forgetful and "not all there", so I apologize for any forgotten birthdays/anniversaries, etc.

I hope everyone is well, and that you are all having a safe and fun summer.  Love you all!

 At the pool
 CJ as a "sunglass fireman"
CJ with Daddy and the fish they caught (CJ reels them in)

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