Sunday, November 20, 2011

meet evelyn

On Saturday, Nov 19th at 1238am, Evelyn Margot Moll was born. She weighed in at 8lb 10oz and is 20.5 inches long. She looks a lot like CJ did as a newborn, though is much chubbier. She's got light brown hair, about 1 inch long already. She's a bit of a crabby girl, though has been a little happier today. Last night she actually let mama sleep for a few hours in a row, and today she slept in her bassinet for 2 solid hours! She is nursing well, a huge step ahead of how her brother was at this age! Mama is doing well, a little sore, but otherwise fine.

Labor was fast and furious, much to my surprise. I really wanted an epidural when I hit the hospital doors, but I was already 9cm and she was born 30 minutes after I got to the hospital, so I was unable to get any drugs and ended up with a completely natural childbirth. From first contraction to birth was only about 4 hours and I didn't even really think I was in labor until about 10pm friday night. We were actually out to eat with friends and then were in Appleton shooting our bows until about 9:30. Fast labor is great in some ways, but extremely intense and I have to say I was a bit out of control. Cliff did really well and was very supportive through my craziness.

Evelyn is doing well and CJ seems to be very happy with her. He goes straight for her when he comes in the door to visit and likes to hug and kiss her. He has asked to play with her and says he would like her to go home with him. He has been very gentle and when she cried today he told me I needed to give her some milk! What a little helper! Mom and Dad have been staying with CJ and Cliff has been staying here with me and Evy (or Evie, as we are not sure yet how to spell it). Cliff's mom Lori has come to visit and Erica and the girls were here as well.

We will be heading home tomorrow morning, so hopefully the transition will go well. Can't wait for everyone to meet our newest addition!


Ann said...

Such a "cutie"..Congratulations to all. Can't hardly wait until Dexc. 17th to see her. Glad all went well for you. Grandma P. was so surprised and happy with the name-sake. Take care..Our love..Ann

Tanashia said...

Congratulations, Dana! Sweet birth story ;) Hope you are resting and enjoying your new addition.