Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have finally found the time to update this site. CJ is at the sitter today and I am in between sweeping and vacuuming. . .

Well, let's see. . .what has happened since Christams?

We have made a few trips to Lake Mills for McKynzie and Rylie's birthdays. The three kids have so much fun together!

I have been busy keeping house and entertaining the little one. It's been a little busier at work so I have actually been working most of my shifts for the last few weeks. I am also in the midst of applying for a full time job. I don't really want to, but with all the crap going on with our ridiculous govenor and the cuts he's making to government employee benefits and wages, we will be taking a hit next year on our finances. If I get the job I will just switch from a casual employee to a full time nights position at the same place I work now. It'll be three nights a week, but as soon as a two nights a week position opens I am going to try for that. Right now all that's open in my department is the full time position and I really don't want to switch hospitals. . .

Cliff is doing well. Spring break is next week so he is looking forward to that. He's been a little stressed this semester, not only having to deal with all the political stuff going on, but also he has two new classes this semester so he has a lot more work to do to prepare!

Now to the star of the show. . .CJ. He is as crazy as ever, a ball of nonstop energy and nonstop chatter-boxing. He is now in a twin bed after crawling out of his crib a few times. Doing fine there so far. Bed time is a trip. He usually stalls quite a bit and has a hard time settling down, so either Cliff or I have to listen to "what's mama doing? what's daddy doing? what's ruby doing?Are they sleeping? Where's grandma? Where's grandpa? Erica, Brian Kynzie, Rylie? I wanna go swimming!" and so on for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes of nonstop questions before he finally quiets down! Potty training is up and going again. He is back to using the potty a few times each day, so hopefully that will continue now (last time he was doing great then refused for weeks to sit on the potty at all). He is doing awesome in swimming lessons. He jumps in, doesn't cry when I put him under, is paddling and kicking and blowing bubbles in the water. He has class with two little girls that he loves. They are in the second session together, so they are very comfortable with one another.

I suppose that's about it for us right now. Nothing big planned for the near future. . .just CJ's second birthday!

Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!

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