Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! I finally have a few minutes to update y'all on what's new with us. . .

The last 2 months have been busy. Lots of family get togethers and time spent with CJ. I am orienting at work, trying to do at least 1 shift each week. Cliff has been watching CJ when I work and so far things have gone well for them together.

Cliff has been working hard on finishing his dissertation and finishing the his first semester of teaching. We are going to FL in early January to defend his dissertation and then he will finally be done! The semester went well, but Cliff is a hard teacher and expects a lot of his students. Some appreciate that, while others just want easy As.

CJ is growing like crazy. He has his 9 month check up coming up next month. His biggest new skill is that he can sit up from a lateral position on his own. He stands with little support while holding on to something, but can't pull himself up to stand yet. He hasn't started crawling or walking, but that doesn't slow him down. . .he just log rolls to where he wants to be. He has 1 little tooth bud, but nothing has come all the way up yet. Also, his attention span is growing. . .he can entertain himself for longer periods . Oh, and the biggest thing. . .he is sleeping through the night some nights, and when he doesn't make it all night he only gets up once. This is HUGE! I am finally getting a little sleep!

That's about it. I have attached some pictures. They are from his very first photo shoot last month.

Hope everything is going well with everyone. Happy Holidays!

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Mrs Huff RNC said...

He has gotten soo big! Glad things are going well for you guys. Keep updating the blog when you can ;)