Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a Boy, continued. . .

Well, we've spent one night at home and so far so good. CJ kept momma up a lot, but that's to be expected. We are having some feeding issues, so nights are a little long right now. Hopefully they will be resolved soon and we can go back to breastfeeding. Right at this moment, Cliff, CJ & Ruby are all sacked out on the recliner napping. I actually had time for a shower!
I think some people wanted labor and delivery info, so skip this paragrah if you don't want details. . .I went into active labor wednesday around 4pm, after having irregular contractions since the evening before. I actually started "early labor" at work but didn't tell anyone. Walking and being active is good for you at that time anyway. I stayed home until about 10pm when we went to the hospital becuase I couldn't take the intense pain of my back labor any longer. I was 4cm at that time so they admitted me. I didn't want an epidural at first, so I did the tub thing and tried to hang in there. I ended up asking for my epidural around 2 or 3 am when I was 7cm, but couldn't get it for another hour because they had just called an emergency c-section on someone else and anesthesia was not available for me. I got a little crazy, but had lots of support. Cliff did really well with me and didn't take it personally when I yelled at him to stop touching me a lot. I was very impressed with him. After I finally had my epidural I was happy and slept off and on until it was time. I only pushed about 40 minutes, for which I am very thankful. I think that was actually the hardest part for me.

CJ and I are both doing well. I am feeling a little more like myself, though still a little sore. CJ is a good baby, but has had a temper like his dad from the very start. When he wants something his wants it NOW, so he goes from sleeping soundly to screaming and impatient to be fed. There's no "quiet alert" phase for my little man! That's part of our feeding problem because he won't calm down enough to concentrate on breastfeeding. I am working with some lactation nurses so we hopefully won't have to bottle feed for long.

Well, I better get going. Maybe I can catch a nap before the boys wake up!

Love you all and wish all is well with each and every one of you! Enjoy the pics! Hope naked baby pictures don't offend anyone!

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Scott said...

Congratulations to both of you. He looks like a great little guy. I'm glad to hear all went well with the delivery. I am taking notes for when that time comes. Have a great weekend! Scott