Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey again, everyone! It's time for a little update. . .

Cliff had his job interview for UWO last week and he thinks it went well. We're waiting for a call to schedule his campus interview. If they want to offer him the job, they'll do so after the campus interview. He has to prepare a presentation on his dissertation to give while he's there and they'll judge him on that and the previous interview. If I'm lucky, I will be joining him on that trip for a mini vacation. We'll post again when we know more!

Well, the baby bump is growing. I've posted a picture of my expanding belly. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Still nothing to complain about. . .pregnancy has been very fun and easy for me so far. Just a few days of headaches around 14 weeks (to be expected) and I am still very tired all of the time. I haven't felt any movement yet, so that's the next big thing I'm waiting for. Also, we have our big formal ultrasound in November. We are going to try to find out what variety of Moll baby this is! Any hunches?

Hunting season just opened today for archery, so I will be a hunting widow (as they say) again for the next few months. Cliff is out in a tree stand right this minute. . .

That's it for now. Feel free to post comments if desired. I'll try to write sooner next time. . .I have't been granted much computer access lately since Cliff has been working so hard on job and dissertation stuff!

Love, as always,


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